December 5, 2008


Posted in censorship, Freedom of speech at 3:16 pm by prurientdiarist

Freedom of speech is a real bitch, especially when other people contrarily theirs right next to you as you exercise yours. The typical religion-atheist name-calling is going on here. This incident doesn’t interest me all that much, but it did get me thinking.

Wouldn’t it be fun to organize the most offensive celebration of freedom of speech? You could invite people who represent the entire spectrum of thought and welcome them to put up signs, stand on their soapboxes and try their damndest to convince others that they are right.

Here’s how I might go about it:

1. Hire a bunch of smart off-duty police officers (and, no, that isn’t necessarily an oxymoron) who respect the constitution, and make sure they know that the goal of the festival is for it to be anything goes, no matter how offensive. Aside from displaying child pornography, no message is to be censored nor its author to be silenced.

2. Warn everyone who enters that they likely will be offended by much of what they are exposed.

3. Warn everyone that violence and harassment will not tolerated at all but that it is reasonable to expect arguments to take place.

And then let the good times roll. It would be an interesting little experiment, don’t you think? I wonder how long before a punch is thrown.